Data on what Uber drivers make

How are Uber fares calculated? When someone takes a ride with you, they are charged a fare plus a “Rider Fee”. The fare for UberX in Los Angeles is currently $0.18 a minute + $1 a mile. If there is “Surge Pricing” then the entire fare is multiplied by that number. Surge Pricing means Uber increases…

Ashley Madison data analysis: lots of fake women

After searching through the Ashley Madison database and private email last week, I reported that there might be roughly 12,000 real women active on Ashley Madison. Now, after looking at the company’s source code, it’s clear that I arrived at that low number based in part on a misunderstanding of the evidence. Equally clear is…

Who knew urologists were so conservative?

The interesting section is below the top graphic – you can click to zero in on certain occupations. Not surprisingly, college presidents are much more conservative than faculty.  

Data on usage of fuck and shit

North Carolina uses both frequently, one of the many things that makes it a such great place to live.  

Data on female serial killers

Female serial killers are more rare than their male counterparts, but they aren’t nonexistent; about one in six serial murderers is a woman. […] She and her colleagues started at, an online encyclopedia of serial killers and mass murderers. They ultimately identified sixty-four female serial killers who were active between 1821 and 2008. The researchers…