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Crappiness of data and wisdom of elders

Stamos is fond of telling a story about sitting down with an engineer whom an acquaintance had referred to him for advice. “I meet with the kid and he’s twenty-one, twenty-two,” Stamos recalls. “He was smart. A Harvard computer-science major.” The kid said he’d already done two start-ups and was looking to try a third. His previous venture was a website where women could enter their medical...

How editors should deal with referees – an experiment

As someone who serves on four ed boards, I found this presentation very interesting: How can We Increase Pro-Social Behavior? An Experiment with Referees at the Journal of Public Economics Referees randomized to one of four groups in invitation emails: 1. 6 week – 6 week deadline [control group] 2. Social – 6 week deadline + referee turnaround time posted on journal’s website at end of year 3. 4...

Bogus academic publishers

Fascinating article from Slate about a publisher who gets permission to publish dissertations and theses as books, sells only a few copies of each and thus avoids paying royalties, while fooling buyers into thinking they are buying a real book, while raking in the bucks. They also publish books containing nothing but content from Wikipedia.

New – Journal of Observational Studies

A new open-access journal dedicated to observational studies. Normally I am dubious of new journals, until I looked at the ed board: Imbens, Imai, Cook, and bunch of other rock stars. Looks to be a good journal: There are several journals that deal with observational studies in specific fields, but this is the first journal that is devoted to observational studies across the wide range of fields...

Paper on community college baccalaurates

Can be found here; it’s still a bit rough. We plan on adding data for teacher ed degrees, and our AEFP discussant had a good suggestion about modeling the policy as a trend rather than an abrupt start. Hope to have a revised version posted in a couple of months.

I like this man

From a profile of the new head of the College Board: He offended an audience of teachers and administrators while promoting the Common Core at a conference organized by the New York State Education Department in April 2011: Bemoaning the emphasis on personal-narrative writing in high school, he said about the reality of adulthood, “People really don’t give a [expletive] about what you feel or...

IES training opportunity

Application Information – Research Design Workshop for Faculty from Minority-Serving Institutions The National Center for Education Research (NCER) in the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) of the U.S. Department of Education is hosting a Research Design Workshop for faculty from minority-serving institutions. The purpose of the Workshop is to provide an overview of quantitative education...

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