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Congress outlaws ordinary least squares!

Not really, but close. Via a posting by Jeff Strohl on the postsecondary-data google group: It is important to keep an eye on some growing language that seeming aims to ‘outlaw’ predictive analytics (When regressions are outlawed, only Social Scientists will regress!!) “(C) NO NATIONAL DATABASE.—Nothing in this section shall be construed to authorize the collection, storage, sharing...

Does Paul Attewell believe in replication?

I believe the answer is clearly “no”, but judge for yourself. The emails make interesting reading. This began when an acquaintance of mine, who does not have tenure and shall remain nameless, asked David Monaghan and Paul Attewell for the statistical code for their paper, “The Community College Route to the Bachelor’s Degree.” The paper was published in a top journal...

Truer words about accreditation have never been spoken

Accreditation is a procedure by which your organization submits to a review by another organization that is supposedly in a better position to evaluate the honesty, integrity, and competency of your organization than either you or your customers. The primary concern of the accrediting body is your office procedures — at no point in the process are the accreditors concerned with the quality, the...

The Supreme Court, big data, and citizenship

The case, Evenwel v. Abbott, poses a question: whether the Constitution’s long-standing “one person, one vote” principle requires equal numbers of voters per district instead of equal numbers of people, as is current practice. Most commentary on the case has focused on its implications for political parties and racial groups. But focusing on the politics, or even on the merits of the...

Why do high-profile campus rape stories keep falling apart?

So here’s my question: Given that there are so many legitimate incidents to choose from, why have so many high-profile cases ultimately fallen apart? If you were to ask an average person today to name a prominent story about rape on college campuses, odds are pretty good that among the top four or five replies would be the Duke lacrosse case, the Rolling Stone cover story about Jackie and the...

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