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Can the U.S. be like Sweden?

Pethokoukis: Many progressive Dems here in the states, including Vermont senator Bernie sanders who is running for president, have argued that America should model itself on Scandinavia and its “egalitarian social democracies.” What do you think we are getting right when we in the USA talk about Sweden and Scandinavia, and what are we getting wrong? Sanandaji: This is a really important argument...

I want my MTV (to reduce childbirth via IV)

Media Influences on Social Outcomes: The Impact of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant on Teen Childbearing This paper explores the impact of the introduction of the widely viewed MTV reality show 16 and Pregnant on teen childbearing. Our main analysis relates geographic variation in changes in teen childbearing rates to viewership of the show. We implement an instrumental variables (IV) strategy using...

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