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How not to be a professor

Mr. Dillon describes himself as a “prickly guy,” but it may be more accurate to say he is the antitenure crowd’s straw man made flesh. In his 34 years at Charleston, he has received three official letters of reprimand, along with many negative evaluations from his supervisors and his students. (A sample review from “Dr. Dillon likes to make you look like an...

He must not have filed an External Professional Activities for Pay Notice of Intent

University professor whose double life as a porn star was exposed has quit his teaching post A ‘smutty professor’ whose double life as a porn star was exposed after a student recognised him in an X-rated film has quit his post. Nicholas Goddard, educated at Oxford University, has taught chemical engineering at the University of Manchester for almost 25 years, publishing many...

Giant soap penis devastates Toronto high school

A photo-op with Premier Kathleen Wynne at a Toronto high school Tuesday morning is creating quite a social media stir — and it only takes a quick glance to figure out why. Wynne was at Jarvis Collegiate Institute with Reza Moridi, minister of training, colleges and universities, to talk about the province’s plan to offer a new grant for low-income college and university students. But a...

Difference-in-difference analysis of Melissa Click

And then the other shoe dropped: Last week, UM announced that new pledges and donations in December — a key month for university fundraising — fell $6 million, a decrease of roughly 31 percent. Only the Columbia branch, where the protests took place, suffered these losses. No other UM branch experienced declines.

Gaming the regulatory apparatus to advance the human condition

I wonder if anyone is doing this with IRB’s? Vanna Belton from Baltimore has been blind for more than five years, but after undergoing surgery where stem cells extracted from her bone marrow were injected into her right eye’s retina and left eye’s optic nerve, she has regained some of her sight. […] The doctor who performed the stem cell treatment, ophthalmologist Jeffrey...

How much do we lose to student aid fraud rings?

Using our E-Fraud Data Analytical System, we determined that the population of recipients considered as potentially participating in this fraud activity had increased 82 percent from award year 2009 (18,719 students) to award year 2012 (34,007 students). We identified more than 85,000 recipients who may have participated in this type of student aid fraud ring activity and who received over $874...

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