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It’s a quant world now: doctor’s office edition

Doctors Test Tools to Predict Your Odds of a Disease Dr. McGinn believes using technology to help diagnose and treat patients can reduce the large number of unnecessary tests doctors order and antibiotics they prescribe by ruling out certain diseases. It also could expedite the appropriate care for patients by giving doctors grounds to treat them before lab tests can confirm a diagnosis. The...

Retrospective measurement of students’ extracurricular activities with a self- administered calendar instrument

With the expansion of all-day schooling in Germany, students’ extracurricular activities are being brought into greater focus in educational and social sciences. However, the diverse range of activities and individual biographies makes it difficult to gather data on the variety and periods of extracurricular activities in classroom-based surveys. This paper introduces a tailored calendar...

The death of SAS and SPSS in academia

Where is the growth? In R and Stata, of course:
What’s interesting is the discrepancy between the death and growth rates. Mixed in here is a hidden trend, I believe, where scholars are much less likely in general to mention the statistical software they used in their research.

Pensions costs are killing Northern Kentucky U

The university’s payments into the state pension system have skyrocketed from $3.9 million in 2010 to $15.3 million this year. The projected cost for 2018 is $19.4 million. Mearns, who laid out the budget situation in a presentation here, said 2 percent of NKU’s operating budget went into pension costs in 2010 and that nearly 10 percent of the budget will be dedicated to the pension...

Who knew Art Garfunkel was a mathematician?

He also does a lot of mathematics, having read it as a student at Columbia. “I’m precise. I think in proportions. I play games with numbers and I proportionalise. I imagine we have now done 1/8th of our interview.” I check my watch. He even took a job as a maths teacher at one point, in the Seventies, despite being a world famous pop star. “I’d just got married and moved to Connecticut, and there...

What does Daryl Hall think of higher education?

One of the current debates is over “cultural appropriation” – The idea that white people should not appropriate the culture of ethnic and racial minorities. I know that you don’t like the term “blue eyed soul.” Have you followed this conversation? Are you trying to say that I don’t own the style of music that I grew up with and sing? I grew up with this music. It is not about being black or white...

The problem with quant research that most quant folks refuse to acknowledge

This is one of the reasons I am a big proponent of replication and transparency in what we do. How is it that economists, working in good faith, wind up with dubious results? To start, they can overanalyze the data. Modern computers spit out statistical regressions so fast that researchers can fit some conclusion around whatever figures they happen to have. “When you run lots of regressions...

Making students volunteer makes them volunteer less

Does ‘compulsory volunteering’ affect subsequent behavior? Evidence from a natural experiment in Canada This paper estimates the impact of ‘compulsory volunteerism’ for adolescents on subsequent volunteer behavior exploiting the introduction of a mandatory community service program for high school (HS) students in Ontario, Canada. We use difference-in-differences approach with a large...

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