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Kahneman: “I placed too much faith in underpowered studies”

Kahneman responded: The argument is inescapable: Studies that are underpowered for the detection of plausible effects must occasionally return non-significant results even when the research hypothesis is true – the absence of these results is evidence that something is amiss in the published record. Furthermore, the existence of a substantial file-drawer effect undermines the two main tools that...

Family monitored 24-7 by people and cameras to help kids

At first I thought the article was a joke. I like this kid: The kids had mixed reactions. Shep told his Mom the family architects made him nervous but his 12-year-old brother was probably the least accepting of the project. One afternoon, not long after the family architects arrived, he grabbed a footstool and put his face right up to one of the Nest Cams. “Hey, buttholes!” he said. “Why don’t...

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