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Elon Musk also runs his own K-12 school

Ad Astra encompasses students, not employees. For the past four years, this experimental non-profit school has been quietly educating Musk’s sons, the children of select SpaceX employees, and a few high-achievers from nearby Los Angeles. It started back in 2014, when Musk pulled his five young sons out of one of Los Angeles’ most prestigious private schools for gifted children. Hiring one of his...

Faculty respond to incentives; who would have guessed?

National policies take varied approaches to encouraging university-based innovation. This paper studies a natural experiment: the end of the “professor’s privilege” in Norway, where university researchers previously enjoyed full rights to their innovations. Upon the reform, Norway moved toward the typical US model, where the university holds majority rights. Using comprehensive data on Norwegian...

Data on human feces in San Francisco

Block-by-block surveillance reveals the deterioration of downtown San Francisco. Of 153 city blocks surveyed, 41 contained used drug needles and 96 had human feces present.
Yikes! That’s about 2/3 of city blocks with human feces.

I have received the highest honor in educational research

I was criticized by that famous nutjob Diane Ravitch: The second post links to a pretty hilarious review of our study (). The writer, Kris Nordstrom, writes as if he’s uncovered a nefarious plot. Sorry, it’s just a propensity score analysis paper written by some nerds. Over several paragraphs he breathlessly states that the private schools in our sample were a non-random sample and...

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