I recently started a quant methods working group at the College of Education here, and gave a presentation on propensity score matching for people who had heard about it and wanted to know more.
I just came across an old paper by Kish that does a nice job describing some of the basic issues around survey weights: WEIGHTING: WHY, WHEN, AND HOW?
My New Year’s resolution for 2014 is to publicly post all of my Stata code for my projects. Why? This will force me to be more careful with my code, even though I am already somewhat anal when it comes to my code.
The amount of evidence demonstrating that most published empirical studies are crap seems to be increasing. See, for example, this article from the Economist. This is a great piece on how a student debunked a psychology study by some big guns in his field. Title: Nick Brown Smelled Bull. Funny, I smell that a lot...
In class this week, I mentioned that among researchers there is an implicit prestige hierarchy of analytical techniques, in this order: Random assignment of treatment Regression discontinuity Difference-in-difference (with a change in treatment that is clearly exogenous) Fixed effects panel models and instrumental variables Matching OLS, HLM, logistic regression, etc.(any version of the general linear...
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