Reign of terror at Virginia Tech

Sounds like the administration is putting up a stiff resistance to this guy; it’s definitely not the time for a limp response.

A torrent of penis drawings in different locations across the Virginia Tech campus last fall drew numerous bias complaints from students, leaving university administrators grappling for answers as to whether the university had been targeted by a penis-drawing bandit.


As for the alleged penis-bandit or bandits, in August, two female roommates in O’Shaughnessy Hall found penises drawn on their dorm room whiteboard. The university followed up several times to make sure the students felt “safe about the whiteboard situation.”

In September, two different female dorm roommates also found someone had drawn a picture of penises on the whiteboard affixed to the outside of their door. The roommates said they often used the board to write jokes to make others laugh, but feared the penises were a sign someone was mad at them.

While alarmed enough to report the incident, students told the university that they did not feel they were in danger, according to the reports. Yet during the September reporting process, the perpetrator may have struck again, as another penis was drawn on the students’ whiteboard.

The incidents continued when, on the morning of September 19, a school counselor walked by Slusher Hall, a co-ed dorm, and saw a drawing of “male genitalia” on the window of a dorm room; the student was not in the room when the investigation into the drawing took place. In October, a dorm was under construction so the floors were covered in paper; a student complained that some other students were drawing “inappropriate images” on the paper after the workers left for the night.

Some of these incidents were so serious they required a police investigation, as well they should!

Another board on a student’s door had the words “don’t worry, be happy” written on it – another student wrote “as in gay” underneath the original message. The Virginia Tech Police Department was called to investigate.

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