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Campus cancel culture database shows over 300 professors targeted in the past decade

The College Fix has assembled an extensive database of cancellations, with links to the relevant media item for each case: you click on Professor Comments, which means professors targeted for something they said, you’ll find 326 records! These are only the tip of the iceberg, because I suspect many faculty who find themselves a victim of the woke mob immediately grovel in hopes of avoiding...

Reign of terror at Virginia Tech

Sounds like the administration is putting up a stiff resistance to this guy; it’s definitely not the time for a limp response. A torrent of penis drawings in different locations across the Virginia Tech campus last fall drew numerous bias complaints from students, leaving university administrators grappling for answers as to whether the university had been targeted by a penis-drawing bandit...

Sarah Lawrence students demand professor be stripped of tenure and fired for writing a NYT op-ed

Here is the horrifying op-ed: After penning an op-ed for The New York Times decrying the ideological homogeneity of his campus administration, a conservative-leaning professor at Sarah Lawrence College discovered intimidating messages—including demands that he quit his job—on the door of his office. […] In the two weeks since the incident, Samuel Abrams, a tenured professor of politics at...

How to deal with academic fascists: revoke their financial aid

This is pretty funny: When a group of New York University students began occupying the staircase of a campus building last week, they initially planned to stay indefinitely, or at least until their demand for a meeting with the school’s board of trustees was granted. Instead, the students departed within forty hours, after the university phoned their parents, warning of a possible suspension that...

Difference-in-difference analysis of Melissa Click

And then the other shoe dropped: Last week, UM announced that new pledges and donations in December — a key month for university fundraising — fell $6 million, a decrease of roughly 31 percent. Only the Columbia branch, where the protests took place, suffered these losses. No other UM branch experienced declines.

Can we start taking political correctness seriously now?

The upsurge of political correctness is not just greasy-kid stuff, and it’s not just a bunch of weird, unfortunate events that somehow keep happening over and over. It’s the expression of a political culture with consistent norms, and philosophical premises that happen to be incompatible with liberalism. The reason every Marxist government in the history of the world turned massively repressive...

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