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2015 Northwestern-Duke Causal Inference Workshops

From my email: Northwestern University and Duke University are holding two workshops on Research Design for Causal Inference this year.  They will run back-to-back at Northwestern Law School in downtown Chicago.  We invite you to attend either or both.  Apologies for the length of this message. Main workshop:  Monday – Friday, July 13-17, 2015 Advanced workshop:  Sunday-Wednesday, July 19-22...

Intro to geographic regression discontinuity designs

In the latest issue of Political Analysis: Political scientists often turn to natural experiments to draw causal inferences with observational data. Recently, the regression discontinuity design (RD) has become a popular type of natural experiment due to its relatively weak assumptions. We study a special type of regression discontinuity design where the discontinuity in treatment assignment is...

Angrist and Pischke new book on causal inference

Sounds like Mostly Harmless minus the matrix algebra: “People are constantly looking at the world around them and trying to learn from it, and that’s natural,” MIT economist Joshua Angrist says. “But it turns out to be very difficult to sort out cause and effect, because the world is complicated, with many things happening at once.” Angrist, the Ford Professor of Economics, has long been one of...

Understanding variation in treatment effects in education

A new report issued by IES: A key purpose of rigorous evaluations of education programs and interventions is to inform policy choices. Typically, such assessments focus on the overall or average treatment effect of the intervention on key outcomes. However, there are also important program and policy questions that pertain to variation in treatment effects across subgroups of study participants...

New – Journal of Observational Studies

A new open-access journal dedicated to observational studies. Normally I am dubious of new journals, until I looked at the ed board: Imbens, Imai, Cook, and bunch of other rock stars. Looks to be a good journal: There are several journals that deal with observational studies in specific fields, but this is the first journal that is devoted to observational studies across the wide range of fields...

Causal inference workshops this summer

The basic is at Northwestern, the advanced at Duke; more info here.
I attended the first version of the basic workshop several years ago. It was a bit disjointed (not surprising, given that it was the first iteration). The best aspect of the workshop are the big guns they bring in – I heard lectures by Rubin and Imbens. Well worth the cost.

Matching and complex survey data

Several people have asked me about using propensity score matching with complex surveys, and whether/how weights, PSUs and strata should be taken into account. This paper explains how to handle these issues.

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