Taleb doesn’t like professors, can’t say I blame him

6) The educational model is now imploding as the only thing people seem to learn at colleges is ideology by losers who became professors because they aren't good enough to create things & got together to BS in a citation ring #RentSeekers (not just in economics, but everywhere)
— Nassim Nicholas Taleb (@nntaleb) April 26, 2018

Good quote about faculty work

A prerequisite for a successful scientific career is an enthusiastic willingness to pore through the minutiae of subjects that 99.9 percent of Earth’s population find screamingly dull.
The Wizard and the Prophet, p. 148.

Faculty may review consultant’s report only in presence of Dean’s assistant after signing NDA!

In an effort to chart the future of the law school, SLU recently hired the consulting firm Alix Partners to compile potential changes to the law school’s operations. At least some of the recent staffing moves followed. Both the law school and Alix partners agreed to keep the report confidential. In an email obtained by the Post-Dispatch, Wolff told faculty and staff the report would be made...

How not to be a professor

Mr. Dillon describes himself as a “prickly guy,” but it may be more accurate to say he is the antitenure crowd’s straw man made flesh. In his 34 years at Charleston, he has received three official letters of reprimand, along with many negative evaluations from his supervisors and his students. (A sample review from RateMyProfessors.com: “Dr. Dillon likes to make you look like an...

He must not have filed an External Professional Activities for Pay Notice of Intent

University professor whose double life as a porn star was exposed has quit his teaching post A ‘smutty professor’ whose double life as a porn star was exposed after a student recognised him in an X-rated film has quit his post. Nicholas Goddard, educated at Oxford University, has taught chemical engineering at the University of Manchester for almost 25 years, publishing many...

Contingent faculty are better teachers than tenure track faculty

This study makes use of detailed student-level data from eight cohorts of first-year students at Northwestern University to investigate the relative effects of tenure track/tenured versus contingent faculty on student learning. We focus on classes taken during a student’s first term at Northwestern and employ an identification strategy in which we control for both student-level fixed effects and...

LSU offers faculty buyouts

What is interesting is that the amounts have been published; I usually don’t see this in articles about buyouts. A year’s salary is also the largest buyout I have come across: LSU’s Law Center is offering an incentive to seven professors if they retire next summer as it looks to cut costs amid a dwindling interest in law schools nationally. The professors, all older than 65 and...

First, they came for the career associate professors

A judge has proposed firing Moulay Tidriri, an Iowa State University associate professor of mathematics, because of “unacceptable” performance in his teaching, research and service over a five-year period, according to a recommendation issued by an administrative law judge.

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