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RCT training opportunity

I attended this several years ago, and it is an excellent training opportunity:
2014 Summer Research Training Institute on Cluster-Randomized Trials

How editors should deal with referees – an experiment

As someone who serves on four ed boards, I found this presentation very interesting: How can We Increase Pro-Social Behavior? An Experiment with Referees at the Journal of Public Economics Referees randomized to one of four groups in invitation emails: 1. 6 week – 6 week deadline [control group] 2. Social – 6 week deadline + referee turnaround time posted on journal’s website at end of year 3. 4...

“Closing the social class achievement gap” paper

A colleague at NCSU asked my opinion of this paper, which tests the effect of a diversity education intervention on GPA. In general, the paper is quite detailed and the analysis carefully done. But the authors find that their intervention has quite an impact: This main effect was qualified, however, by the predicted interaction of generation and condition [F(1,125)=4.34, p=.039]. Unpacking the...

Faculty discrimination against females and minority students

Mike Bastedo sent this to me; it’s a field experiment looking at how faculty respond to email requests from prospective doctoral students of different races and gender. Their Figure 2 is pretty amazing; I would not have guessed the differential was so large within the field of education (although note the size of the standard error):

Good quote about RCTs

“In other words, discovering program improvements that really work is extremely hard. We labor in the dark — scratching and clawing for tiny scraps of causal insight.”
On Megan McArdle’s blog.

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