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Does a hostile learning environment on campus trump free speech?

Of course not, it’s a matter of laws versus the Constitution. From Volokh: What I found noteworthy, though, was the statement from Ibrahim Hooper, the spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations: [Anti-Muslim speakers] create a hostile learning environment for Muslim and Arab-American students, and that’s what they’re designed to do. … They’re designed to demonize Muslim and...

Can U Oklahoma racist frat boys be suspended or expelled for that video?

Nope, guess again: 1. First, racist speech is constitutionally protected, just as is expression of other contemptible ideas; and universities may not discipline students based on their speech. That has been the unanimous view of courts that have considered campus speech codes and other campus speech restrictions — see here for some citations. The same, of course, is true for fraternity speech...

10 most fascist universities in the U.S.

Most made the list for the usual reasons, namely, hurting someone’s feelings. But the amazing story is Modesto Junior College, where a student was targeted simply because he tried to hand out copies of the Constitution on Constitution Day! It gets worse: when a faculty member sent out an email supporting the student’s free speech rights, the administration retaliated against him. Here...

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