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Western Kentucky Regents refuse to fire “racist” tenured professor

A really surprising outcome, given that the president of university wanted to fire her for “incompetency.” If you read the article very carefully, you’ll see that they took a couple of semesters of poor teaching evaluations and turned that into her suddenly being incompetent at her job. A couple of semesters of poor teaching evals for a professor who had been there for seventeen...

U North Dakota backs down on mandatory preferred pronouns and open bathrooms

UND was proposing a plan that ... would require the use of a transgender person’s preferred pronouns and the use of facilities that align with their gender identity. Guess what happened next? Public uproar: UND has stopped work on a proposed gender inclusion policy that caught the attention of the North Dakota Catholic Conference and sparked a community conversation. In a message released on the...

Student receives praise for bogus paper on how milk is a ‘colonizer’ of coffee

A college student in Sweden recently decided to take a class on critical race theory as a joke, and then added to the fun by turning in a hoax paper. Arvid Haag signed up for “Critical Whiteness Perspectives on Nordic Culture” at Stockholm University because, he said, “local pandemic grant rules had equipped him and other students with an unexpected financial aid windfall.” Haag thought he’d “get...

Diversity course enrollment drops when not required

Shocker! A Jesuit Catholic university in Pennsylvania stopped ordering students to take a class on inequality and enrollment dropped. “Successful inequality course faces low enrollment,” The Hawk reported on December 7. “Multiple sections of the university’s new one-credit diversity course, Inequality in American Society,” the Saint Joseph’s University campus paper reported, “are at risk of...

college diversity officers love china and hate the jews

Given that the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion movement seeks to turn the races against one another by destroying the lives of dissenters, it’s no surprise that college DEI officers hate an historically oppressed minority group and love a vicious totalitarian state: An overwhelming number of diversity, equity, and inclusion officers at American universities, who are ostensibly hired to...

Campus cancel culture database shows over 300 professors targeted in the past decade

The College Fix has assembled an extensive database of cancellations, with links to the relevant media item for each case: you click on Professor Comments, which means professors targeted for something they said, you’ll find 326 records! These are only the tip of the iceberg, because I suspect many faculty who find themselves a victim of the woke mob immediately grovel in hopes of avoiding...

Data on college students’ support for controversial speakers

As you might suspect, it’s pretty low, especially for conservative speakers. From a national survey by FIRE, the question is “Student groups often invite speakers to campus to express their views on a range of topics Regardless of your own views on the topic, would you support or oppose your school ALLOWING a speaker on campus who promotes the following idea:”

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