Who knew urologists were so conservative?

The interesting section is below the top graphic – you can click to zero in on certain occupations. Not surprisingly, college presidents are much more conservative than faculty. http://verdantlabs.com/politics_of_professions/  

Data on usage of fuck and shit

North Carolina uses both frequently, one of the many things that makes it a such great place to live. http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/jul/17/map-curse-words-united-states-shit-asshole-fuck-fuckboy  

Data on female serial killers

Female serial killers are more rare than their male counterparts, but they aren’t nonexistent; about one in six serial murderers is a woman. […] She and her colleagues started at murderpedia.org, an online encyclopedia of serial killers and mass murderers. They ultimately identified sixty-four female serial killers who were active between 1821 and 2008. The researchers…

Reviews matter: fascinating data from Tripadvisor

Those reviews carry demonstrable weight. A study by Cornell University’s Center for Hospitality Research found that for every percentage point a hotel improves its online reputation, its “RevPAR” (revenue per available room) goes up by 1.4 percent; for every point its reputation improves on a five-point scale, a hotel can raise prices by 11 percent…

Data on U.S. military deserters

Between 2003 and 2006, more than 20,000 American soldiers and Marines abandoned their posts. […] American military commanders rarely seek out deserters and even more rarely punish them. At the height of the Iraq War, fewer than 5 percent of deserters received a court-martial, and fewer than one percent served prison time. […] From that…