Important Data on the Capitol Hill Protests

First up, how bad was January 6th compared to other protests? RealClear Investigations does a deep dive and it is very illuminating: Next, who were the January 6th protesters in terms of their backgrounds, and how do they compare to the average American and known right-wing extremists? Here’s a hint: A main finding of this report is that the individuals charged for participating in the...

Democrats lost in Virginia because of school closures, CRT not so much

From Byron York’s Daily Memo: So now, Democratic pollsters are doing some basic research. Why did voters reject McAuliffe? What, specifically, did he do wrong? Recently, a Democratic firm, ALG Research, which served as the top pollster for President Joe Biden's campaign, asked those questions in focus groups in the Northern Virginia suburbs and in Richmond. Some of the answers they found...

U Chicago president caught voting for Republicans

This is actually a news item from the U Chicago student paper: University of Chicago President Robert Zimmer voted in Illinois’s Republican primary in the 2016 election, according to public voting histories. He turns out to have done some naughty things: Zimmer has long been coy about his politics, declining to answer a question on the subject in a 2016 interview with The Maroon. In recent years...

The political affiliation of college faculty

This guy actually tracked down the party registrations of almost 9,000 faculty members! Interestingly, he finds almost a quarter of faculty at liberal arts colleges aren’t registered to vote. If you assume these individuals are relatively apolitical, then the numbers would look quite a bit different. These are ratios of registered Democrats to Republicans: According to this graph, if you...

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