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More states opting to ‘robo-grade’ student essays by computer

“I’ve been working on this now for about 25 years, and I feel that … the time is right and it’s really starting to be used now,” says Peter Foltz, a research professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He’s also vice president for research for Pearson, the company whose automated scoring program graded some 34 million student essays on state and national...

One measure of student selection effects : $2,000 flights to Guam

Big changes are coming to the Medical College Admission Test, or MCAT, in 2015. Starting next spring, the MCAT will be overhauled for the first time since 1991. The revised exam will add sections on the social and behavioral sciences as well as more critical analysis and reasoning. The new, more “holistic” test is expected to take six and a half hours, as compared with its current...

GMAT now has separate rankings for Americans, because we are losers

Asia-Pacific students have shown a mastery of the quantitative portion of the four-part Graduate Management Admission Test. That has skewed mean test scores upward, and vexed U.S. students, whose results are looking increasingly poor in comparison. In response, admissions officers at U.S. schools are seeking new ways of measurement, to make U.S. students look better. To address those concerns...

In defense of the SAT

Takes on popular myths that the SAT does not predict college success, is only driven by socio-economic status, etc.:
Yes, IQ Really Matters

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