How did gender ideology take over the medical profession so quickly?

I think the best way to answer that question is to talk about the cultural shift that happened in 2020, because transgender ideology and Covid are inextricably linked. Normally, doctors operate by the authority of the professional societies that govern our specific practice. That worked because the individuals in those institutions were reliable, intelligent, and thoughtful. But with Covid in...

Transactivism: The road not taken

All this is to say that the current conflict over trans rights wasn’t inevitable. In fact, it was entirely avoidable. It is not difficult to imagine a trans movement focused on providing accommodations for people who struggle with gender dysphoria, or even those who hold extraordinary beliefs about the nature of “gender identity.” Let’s call this the reasonable accommodations route. Now we can...

Compelling data on the transgender advantage in various sports

It is increasingly clear that testosterone suppression has little effect on sports performance, compared to the natural biological advantage that males have over females. What surprised me is the size of the advantage: in elite competitions, an advantage as little as 1% could mean the difference between winning big and losing. A research paper just published last month quantifies the male...

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