Diversity course enrollment drops when not required

Shocker! A Jesuit Catholic university in Pennsylvania stopped ordering students to take a class on inequality and enrollment dropped. “Successful inequality course faces low enrollment,” The Hawk reported on December 7. “Multiple sections of the university’s new one-credit diversity course, Inequality in American Society,” the Saint Joseph’s University campus paper reported, “are at risk of...

college diversity officers love china and hate the jews

Given that the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion movement seeks to turn the races against one another by destroying the lives of dissenters, it’s no surprise that college DEI officers hate an historically oppressed minority group and love a vicious totalitarian state: An overwhelming number of diversity, equity, and inclusion officers at American universities, who are ostensibly hired to...

More liberals are abandoning the left

From an article in Tablet Magazine: And then came The Turn. If you’ve lived through it yourself, you know that The Turn doesn’t happen overnight, that it isn’t easily distilled into one dramatic breakdown moment, that it happens hazily and over time—first a twitch, then a few more, stretching into a gnawing discomfort and then, eventually, a sense of panic. You might be living through The Turn if...

New analysis demonstrates that NSF grants are increasingly politicized

Almost a third of grants are now woke! The frequency of documents containing highly politicized terms has been increasing consistently over the last three decades. As of 2020, 30.4% of all grants had one of the following politicized terms: “equity,” “diversity,” “inclusion,” “gender,” “marginalize,” “underrepresented,” or “disparity.” This is up from 2.9% in 1990. The most politicized field is...

Only 6%-16% of the U.S. is woke

Based on Pew’s most recent political typology:

The truly woke (Progressive Left) are only 6%, but looking at how Pew defines their groups, I would consider the Outside Left (10%) to be pretty woke as well.

If you’re interested in where you fall amongst these groups, you can take their quiz here. I came up as Populist Right.

Western Carolina U now has official fairy pronouns

You really can’t make this stuff up. As Campus Reform reports, Western Carolina University (WCU) recently added more than 10 pronouns to its Canvas student portal, a curriculum management platform. The 12 new pronoun combinations include (E/Eir), (Fae/Faer), (Per/Pers), (Ve/Ver), (Xe/Xem), and (Ze/Zir), but some university employees admitted that they were unaware some configurations...

Why we should be skeptical when someone says they feel “unsafe”

A colleague alerted me to an interesting statement by a U Chicago faculty member targeted by the woke mob because he objected to how DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) was being implemented on campus. Here is his perspective on those claims about safety: One friend noted that there were a number of tweets using the logic: “I don’t feel safe when you object to my premises, therefore you cannot...

French diversity minister: “woke culture is something very dangerous”!

When you’ve lost the French … Some prominent French figures, including President Emmanuel Macron, are rejecting "woke" ideology that has been imported from the United States amid a breakdown in relations between the two nations.  A cover story by Le Spectacle Du Monde, one of France's leading magazines, recently ran a piece titled "The Suicide of America" in which it blames the deadly...

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