“[UNC Chapel Hill] has lost her way”

It’s about time; I can’t imagine NC State doing this:

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Board of Trustees (BOT) unanimously passed two resolutions at its July 27 meeting. 

The Freedom of Speech resolution was introduced and read by BOT member Dr. Perrin Jones. 

“The Board of Trustees reaffirms its commitment to academic freedom as embodied in the Chicago principles and the Kalven Committee Report on the University’s Role in Political and Social Action, which is attached hereto as Attachment A,” the Resolution on the Affirmation of Academic Freedom and Freedom of Speech reads in part.  

The University of Chicago Kalven Committee Report on the University’s Role in Political and Social Action outlines how colleges and universities should stay neutral and abstain from political or social commentary in their official capacities.  


During the meeting, Jones remarked that the people who entrusted them to lead the university feel that “Carolina has lost her way” and that “It is no longer centered on the pursuit of knowledge and exposure to the greatest ideas and discoveries of the human mind and an environment that nurtures open debate and inquiry.” 

“They are concerned our students are learning what to think rather than how to think,” Jones said.  
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