ACT summer internship opportunities

Two of the available positions have a higher education focus and will be assigned to the Statistical and Applied Research department:

Predicting College Outcomes: The Statistical and Applied Research Summer Intern will work on an applied project to examine how academic preparation, academic achievement, noncognitive characteristics (including students’ college intentions, expectations, commitment, and financial concerns), and student background and demographic characteristics relate to college enrollment and first-to-second year persistence.

Postsecondary Student Data Use: The Statistical and Applied Research Summer Intern will work on a project to help ACT better understand how postsecondary institutions are using ACT data in conjunction with other data to inform decision making in the areas of identifying prospective students, recruitment of students, admissions, and advising. In the spring of 2016 ACT will be administering a survey to postsecondary institutions that focuses on which data is used for what purposes, how data are stored and accessed on their campus, the usefulness of ACT data, and potential innovations in data being used by respondents. The intern will work with their supervisor to develop an analysis plan and produce a summary report of the survey for internal audiences. This summary will include recommendations for ACT as relates to our services to postsecondary institutions. The results of the study may also be published by ACT on our public webpage.

More information in the flyer:

ACT 2016 SAR Summer Internships

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