Greece 2021: Olympia

If you drive the back roads you’re liable to run into this:

Tent protecting the Temple of Apollo Epicurius, a fantastic site on a mountaintop near Olympia. It was low season and we were the only visitors at the site.

Ruins at Olympia

Starting point for runners at the Olympic stadium, with grooves for the left and right feet.

Breakfast view at the Bachhus Taverna

Greece 2021: Kardamyli

The roadsides are filled with these little chapels. They are either a memorial to someone who died in an accident, or they announce a nearby church or monastery. Along the back roads you will also see memorials to Nazi atrocities in Greece. Kardamyli harbor Video of the backyard of our rental. The owner’s son said the olive trees in the terraced backyard had been in the family for several...

I helped a guy in Germany find his unknown father via genetic genealogy

I’ve done genealogy since I was a kid, and several years ago I uploaded my DNA to MyHeritage; one feature of the website provides me with a list of genetic matches and our relationship. Most of them are quite distant, such as 3rd-5th cousin, but occasionally some close matches appear (e.g., my mother’s first cousin, whom I met years ago, showed up one day in my list of matches). Several weeks...

Greece 2021: Nafplio

Ancient Theatre of the Asklepieion at Epidaurus Ruins of Mycenae Hotel Grande Bretagne in Nafplio View of Nafplio from our hotel balcony; one of the biggest mega-yachts in the world (the Maltese Falcon) was anchored just in front. We managed to get a tour and tasting at the Karonis Distillery; this is the 5th generation owner standing by the tank they use to make ouzo. Each distillery has a...

Greece 2021: Hydra

The ferry side of Piraeus is unpleasant, but nearby Pasalimani harbor is a lovely place to wait for the ferry No posted signs, but I believe this is part of the walls of Piraeus There are no cars in Hydra, so you can use donkeys to get your luggage to your hotel. View of Hydra from the mountainside Entrance to the Monastery of Prophet Elias Church interior at the monastery There are many stray...

Good Epoch Times article about my case

Unfortunately it’s behind a paywall. Here are some excerpts: Having a dissenting view within the prevailing orthodoxies of many universities today can lead to “a death by a thousand cuts,” according to a lawyer who specializes in constitutional law. Samantha Harris, with Allen Harris Law in Connecticut, represents Stephen Porter, a professor at North Carolina State University (NCSU). Porter...

Woke Joke Part 1: When the woke mob comes for you, stand up and fight back!

I am a political conservative who has no problem taking a stand and expressing my opinion, which is why I have, for years now, been targeted by the woke mob at NC State. As a result, I just filed a lawsuit against the university in federal district court, alleging that faculty and administrators violated my rights under the First and Fourteenth Amendments. I’ve hired a top-notch attorney...

Japan 2017: Hamamatsu and Tokyo


It’s difficult to understand just how fast the shinkansen are unless you’ve been on one.

Beer robot in the Sakura lounge at Narita. Behold its awesomeness!

Japan 2017: Furano, Sapporo and Yokohama

Farm Tomita


Yet another advancement for the human race: kaiten sushi at the New Chitose airport.
View of the bay area from our hotel room.
As we walked around the red brick warehouse area, we came across a massive J-pop outdoor festival, with performances and autograph signing. We left quickly.

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