Why we should be skeptical when someone says they feel “unsafe”

A colleague alerted me to an interesting statement by a U Chicago faculty member targeted by the woke mob because he objected to how DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) was being implemented on campus. Here is his perspective on those claims about safety: One friend noted that there were a number of tweets using the logic: “I don’t feel safe when you object to my premises, therefore you cannot...

French diversity minister: “woke culture is something very dangerous”!

When you’ve lost the French … Some prominent French figures, including President Emmanuel Macron, are rejecting "woke" ideology that has been imported from the United States amid a breakdown in relations between the two nations.  A cover story by Le Spectacle Du Monde, one of France's leading magazines, recently ran a piece titled "The Suicide of America" in which it blames the deadly...

Campus cancel culture database shows over 300 professors targeted in the past decade

The College Fix has assembled an extensive database of cancellations, with links to the relevant media item for each case: you click on Professor Comments, which means professors targeted for something they said, you’ll find 326 records! These are only the tip of the iceberg, because I suspect many faculty who find themselves a victim of the woke mob immediately grovel in hopes of avoiding...

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