Become a What Works Clearinghouse reviewer

Have you ever wanted to become a What Works Clearinghouse Certified Reviewer? Now is your chance! The WWC has launched online training and certification for Version 4.0 of Group Design Standards to make it easier to become a certified reviewer.

The online training consists of a series of nine modules led by an experienced WWC instructor. The content is the same that we have used in our in-person courses, complete with detailed examples and “knowledge checks” to help with learning the WWC standards and procedures. After viewing the modules, users will have the opportunity to obtain a certificate of completion, pass a certification test, and complete the full certification process if they choose.

The WWC has made these trainings publicly available to increase transparency about our processes and to broaden the pool of available reviewers. As part of this effort, the WWC also has made their online version of the Study Review Guide available to use. For more information, see our latest blog post.

And if you’re already certified in Version 3.0 of WWC Group Design Standards, you can click here to learn how to become certified in Version 4.0.

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