Big win against CRT in North Carolina

The controversial program itself was small, targeted only at disabled preschoolers, but it’s a big win because conservative activists forced the State Superintendent (who heads our state Dept. of Education) to publicly back down:

National media took aim at North Carolina Education officials this week after groups including Education First Alliance (EFA) called for defunding the state's plans to teach disabled preschoolers how to "deconstruct whiteness."
Before the January 5th board meeting, a parent showed Truitt evidence that the pre-K program included concepts like "deconstructing whiteness" and "systemic racism." According to emails, Truitt denied that the program was related to critical race theory or to communism.
On Friday, a little over a week after presenting the contract to the State School Board (SBE) for approval, the Superintendent backtracked.  

From Superintendent Truitt:

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