Greece 2021: Kardamyli

The roadsides are filled with these little chapels. They are either a memorial to someone who died in an accident, or they announce a nearby church or monastery.
Along the back roads you will also see memorials to Nazi atrocities in Greece.
Kardamyli harbor
Video of the backyard of our rental. The owner’s son said the olive trees in the terraced backyard had been in the family for several generations and were probably 250 years old; the oldest was about 500 years old. I thought he was pulling my leg, but the average lifespan of an olive tree is 500 years.
Kardamyli is known for its hiking.
The Church of Agia Sophia was a stop on our hike.
We could not enter because of renovations, but the workers kindly allowed us to poke our heads inside.
The hike ends in Exochori, and for lunch we stumbled on an amazing taverna called With View. The name is rather obvious.
The stray cats in Greece can be somewhat insistent.
We took a different route on the way down and passed what looked like a tiny family chapel. It was unlocked, so we looked inside.
Inside was amazing!
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