Japan 2019: Nagoya

Paul struggles with his luggage

We managed to find a great restaurant in Tokyo Station, located above Kitchen Street, outside the Yaesu North Gate. They have computer terminals at each table that you use to order dishes and drinks.

Paul is satisfied with his meal at Honke Abeya
View outside my room at Mitsui Garden Nagoya. Note the helipads; these are to rescue people on upper floors trapped  by an earthquake.
Mitsui Gardens always have a good breakfast

Paul enjoys his soba noodles

Pickled vegetables for dinner
Paul wishes he owned a fur-covered car

Paul finds this bridge aesthetically pleasing
This one as well
We came here to have gohei mochi for lunch
Paul loves his gohei mochi

Paul loves his kaiten sushi (vegan only, of course)

Presenting to our colleagues at Nagoya University
Paul is impressed with the number of Nobel Prize recipients at Nagoya University

Paul is excited to be riding the shinkansen
View of Mt. Fuji from the shinkansen






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