Japan 2019: Tokyo

We stayed in Shinjuku, which is very big and a little bit crazy.


Memory Lane, north of Shinjuku station. It’s now a big tourist spot, which means overpriced food.

During my last trip to Japan, I noticed I was going bald. This trip, I’m becoming jowly.

We managed a quick side trip to Kamakura.

Tea ceremony at Engakuji temple

Lunch at Hachinoki, which serves Zen monastery vegetarian cuisine. Paul takes his vegan food very seriously.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

We were fortunate to be there when the cherry blossoms were just beginning to bloom.
Tea at one of the teahouses in the garden


Forget Memory Lane – if you’re looking for great yakitori, Torigen (https://torigen-shinjukunishiguchi.com) is the place to go

On the way home

Paul insists on wearing sweatpants in public. I am appalled.
Paul struggles with his luggage







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