NYC’s high school equivalency program is a complete boondoggle

Despite a $52 million budget last fiscal year, the DOE’s Office of Adult and Continuing Education, OACE, says it awarded only 150 diplomas — less than half as many as the year before.

The lame results alarm City Councilman Daniel Dromm, chairman of the education committee, who held a hearing on adult-ed in September after a Post report.


Insiders blame the failure on “gross mismanagement” by OACE Superintendent Rose-Marie Mills. Instead of focusing on teacher training and curriculum, she demands excessive “post-testing” as soon as after 12 hours of instruction to gauge student gains.

The data gives the program an inflated rating by the state, but does not prepare students for the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC), which students must pass to graduate.

Administrators also put up roadblocks to take the TASC to avoid a high failure rate, they said.

“It seems there is a strategy to make the numbers look much better, and real-life outcomes be damned,” a veteran teacher said.

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