Stephen Porter is getting pounded in the media

First this:

Professor Stephen Porter, an award-winning forensic psychology expert at UBCO, has stepped aside from teaching duties after his practice was placed under supervision by the B.C. College of Psychologists with a “particular focus on” sexual harassment and boundary issues.

Two complainants have come forward to CBC, one alleging Porter sexually harassed her and another alleging he groped her. However the university has not disclosed the nature of the allegations due to privacy concerns.

and now this:

In 2015, a highly publicized study found that over the course of three misinformation-laden interviews, researchers convinced a staggering 70% of participants that they’d committed a crime.

But now critics suspect that 70% figure is far too high, arguing in a new paper that the original study poorly defined “false memories” and overlooked signs that the volunteers didn’t actually remember the invented crimes. Other research suggests the rate is closer to 20%.

In an unrelated development, BuzzFeed News has also learned that the 2015 paper, which appeared in Psychological Science, will be formally corrected for statistical errors.


When Shaw published the 2015 study with Stephen Porter, a forensic psychologist at the University of British Columbia, their 70% finding was covered by the likes of NPR, Wired UK, and the Daily Mail, and Shaw went on to publish a popular book, The Memory Illusion (which she wrote about on BuzzFeed).

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