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Emergency financial aid does not seem to matter

Community college completion rates are extremely low, especially among low-income students. One potential explanation is that low-income students have limited capacity to overcome financial shocks, such as large medical, legal, or car repair bills. Some programs offer “emergency financial assistance” (EFA) to prevent these events from curtailing educational progress. We test the...

Is college for everyone?

There seem to be more people questioning whether we should be pushing the completion agenda as much as we are. A blog post from the NY Times has some responses from parents whose kids are not taking the traditional route after college. This doesn’t sound good: Anxiety abounds for some parents of students who feel compelled to follow the path their friends are taking. “My stepdaughter is...

Paper on community college baccalaurates

Can be found here; it’s still a bit rough. We plan on adding data for teacher ed degrees, and our AEFP discussant had a good suggestion about modeling the policy as a trend rather than an abrupt start. Hope to have a revised version posted in a couple of months.

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