How editors should deal with referees – an experiment

As someone who serves on four ed boards, I found this presentation very interesting: How can We Increase Pro-Social Behavior? An Experiment with Referees at the Journal of Public Economics Referees randomized to one of four groups in invitation emails: 1. 6 week – 6 week deadline [control group] 2. Social – 6 week deadline + referee turnaround time posted on journal’s website at end of year 3. 4...

New – Journal of Observational Studies

A new open-access journal dedicated to observational studies. Normally I am dubious of new journals, until I looked at the ed board: Imbens, Imai, Cook, and bunch of other rock stars. Looks to be a good journal: There are several journals that deal with observational studies in specific fields, but this is the first journal that is devoted to observational studies across the wide range of fields...

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