U North Dakota backs down on mandatory preferred pronouns and open bathrooms

UND was proposing a plan that

... would require the use of a transgender person’s preferred pronouns and the use of facilities that align with their gender identity. 

Guess what happened next? Public uproar:

UND has stopped work on a proposed gender inclusion policy that caught the attention of the North Dakota Catholic Conference and sparked a community conversation.

In a message released on the morning of Friday, Jan. 21, UND President Andrew Armacost announced the decision to cease work on the policy. Armacost wrote that uncertainties exist about the consequences of not following the draft policy’s guidance on using preferred pronouns on campus for students, faculty and staff. Under that proposed policy, intentionally misgendering a person could be seen as an act of discrimination.

I suspect someone clued them in that requiring the use of preferred pronouns at public university is unconstitutional.

By Stephen

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