Causal inference workshops at Duke

Northwestern University and Duke University are holding our “main” week-long workshop on Research Design for Causal Inference – our 10th annual workshop — at Duke University in Raleigh-Durham.  We invite you to attend.  Our apologies for the length of this message. Main Workshop:  Monday – Friday, August 12-16, 2019 We will also be holding an “Advanced” Workshop the following […]

NY Times: College students really are snowflakes

Avoid sending your children to college: besides the racism and rape culture, there is sauce. The bribery scandal has “just highlighted an incredibly dark side of what has become normative, which is making sure that your kid has the best, is exposed to the best, has every advantage — without understanding how disabling that can […]

Japan 2019: Tokyo

We stayed in Shinjuku, which is very big and a little bit crazy.   Memory Lane, north of Shinjuku station. It’s now a big tourist spot, which means overpriced food. We managed a quick side trip to Kamakura. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden Nishishinjuku On the way home            

Japan 2019: Tachikawa

Keisuke Honda, our host, took us to a great seafood restaurant in Tachikawa. I forgot to get the name, but it was fantastic.

Japan 2019: Nagoya

We managed to find a great restaurant in Tokyo Station, located above Kitchen Street, outside the Yaesu North Gate. They have computer terminals at each table that you use to order dishes and drinks.          

Greek chief statistician cleared of charges after eight years of hell

It’s astonishing what they put this guy through, just because he revealed how bad their books were. A Greek court acquitted the country’s former statistics chief of faking the budget deficit that deepened the country’s debt crisis, likely ending a marathon prosecution that has drawn widespread international criticism and raised doubts about the objectivity of […]

BelieveWomen is in a state of legal collapse – due to CA universities

When future historians reflect back on our present moment, it’s entirely possible that liberal California judges, rather than the Trump administration, will get credit for pulling the plug on the progressive experiment of denying basic due-process rights to American male college students. That’s the takeaway from a stunning Los Angeles Times report from late last […]

Political poll response rates down to 6%

The percentage of Americans willing to participate in telephone polls has hit a new low, according to a new report, raising doubts about the continued viability of the phone surveys that have traditionally dominated politics and elections, both in the media and in campaigns. The Pew Research Center reported Wednesday that the response rate for […]

The NFL player moonlighting as an Ivy League professor

Brandon Copeland is not a typical Ivy League professor. He packs 263 pounds of lean muscle onto a 6-foot-3 frame, doesn’t wear much tweed and moonlights as starting linebacker in the National Football League. Nor is Copeland a typical NFL player. A 2013 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, he signed with the […]

Former professor now a bus driver

He describes his new life and how he got there; a fascinating read. The professor is Steve Salita, who lost a job and whose career ground to a halt because he expressed an opinion people didn’t like. You hear ex-professors say it all the time and I’ll add to the chorus: despite nagging precariousness, there’s […]