Faculty may review consultant’s report only in presence of Dean’s assistant after signing NDA!

In an effort to chart the future of the law school, SLU recently hired the consulting firm Alix Partners to compile potential changes to the law school’s operations. At least some of the recent staffing moves followed.

Both the law school and Alix partners agreed to keep the report confidential.

In an email obtained by the Post-Dispatch, Wolff told faculty and staff the report would be made available for viewing only through appointments coordinated by his executive assistant, Bridgette Thomas.

“The report will remain with her, and she will provide it for viewing in the seating area in front of her desk. Persons viewing the report may not remove the report from the seating area, copy it, take notes from, or photograph it,” Wolff wrote.

“Prior to viewing the report, each person will be required to sign a confidentiality/nondisclosure document and give it back to Bridgette,” the email continued. “The signed document is consistent with the contractual agreement between the Alix Partners and the university.”


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