UNC System reduces college costs by hiring some joker for $250K per year

UNC President Margaret Spellings announced the hire of her top strategist Thursday as the UNC system’s governing board sorted through issues such as student debt, college completion and a huge demographic shift under way in North Carolina.

Andrew P. Kelly, now director of the Center on Higher Education Reform at the American Enterprise Institute, will be UNC’s senior vice president for strategy and policy. His appointment to the newly created position will take effect Aug. 15, and his annual salary will be $245,000.

On Thursday, Kelly gave the board a detailed analysis of the higher education landscape in the United States and problems facing it, including climbing tuition, loan default rates, poor college readiness, lackluster graduation rates and poor productivity.
Only an outside expert could have told us that we have issues with rising tuition, loan defaults, and graduation rates; this is the first I’ve heard about such alarming news. He earned his entire first year salary with that presentation alone!
By Stephen

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