Greece 2021: Nafplio

Ancient Theatre of the Asklepieion at Epidaurus
Ruins of Mycenae
Hotel Grande Bretagne in Nafplio
View of Nafplio from our hotel balcony; one of the biggest mega-yachts in the world (the Maltese Falcon) was anchored just in front.
We managed to get a tour and tasting at the Karonis Distillery; this is the 5th generation owner standing by the tank they use to make ouzo.
Each distillery has a secret recipe of herbal ingredients for their ouzo. My wife sniffed the ouzo and asked, “Is there X in here?” The owner laughed and shrugged. Later he pulled me aside and said “Your wife has an amazing nose!” So she was right, but I obviously don’t want to give away part of the secret.
We drove through Sparta on the way to Kardamyli
We stopped at the Lakoniki Brewery along the way, then drank their beer at a cafe. This is Sparta! And this is our beer!
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