Yale has almost as many administrators as undergrads!

According to the article, 5,907 undergrads versus 5,000 administrators:

In 2003, when 5,307 undergraduate students studied on campus, the University employed 3,500 administrators and managers. In 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on student enrollment, only 600 more students were living and studying at Yale, yet the number of administrators had risen by more than 1,500 — a nearly 45 percent hike. 

The Yale faculty comments are excellent:

“I had remarked to President Salovey on his inauguration that I thought the best thing he could do for Yale would be to abolish one deanship or vice presidency every year of what I hoped would be a long tenure in that position,” professor of English Leslie Brisman wrote in an email to the News. “Instead, it has seemed to me that he has created one upper level administrative position a month.
“One [cause] is the tremendous increase in revenue generated by these universities that more or less has to be spent,” Campos said. “This means that as revenues go up, there has to be found ways to spend them. And one of the most natural ways to increase spending is to increase administration, the size of it and the compensation of the top administrators in particular.” 
“I think we don’t yet have a Vice President for the rights of the left-handed, but I haven’t checked this month,” Brisman wrote. “I think that if there weren’t so many people interfering with students’ lives (e.g., leave policy) and faculty choices (e.g., tenure review) there would be plenty of funds for more real teaching and research positions.”
“My sense is [that] we have more staffers and bureaucrats than we actually need, and they generate all sorts of paperwork for the rest of us,” Amar said.
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