Japan 2017: Furano, Sapporo and Yokohama

Farm Tomita

Farm Tomita in July has three things I love the most: intense heat, crowds, and flowers.
Everything here is lavender, even the ice cream.


Sapporo TV Tower; you can bungee jump off the lower level into that green barrel at the bottom.
Enjoying Odori Park.
The yakitori izakaya is one of the major achievements of the human race.
This is the place if you are ever in Sapporo: Kushidori-Bangaichi. You’ll have to search for it, signs are not in English.
Mushroom w/ground radish at top; chicken, miso cakes wrapped in bacon, okra.


Chicken with plum sauce and herbs; chicken with wasabi.
Shochyu with club soda and freshly squeezed lemon juice – fantastic!

Yet another advancement for the human race: kaiten sushi at the New Chitose airport.


View of the bay area from our hotel room.

As we walked around the red brick warehouse area, we came across a massive J-pop outdoor festival, with performances and autograph signing. We left quickly.


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