Japan 2017: Hamamatsu and Tokyo


View from ACT City Hotel.
A perfect lunch.
Conference banquet was held at a German restaurant.

Hamamatsu castle
View from inside Shointei temple while enjoying the tea ceremony.
A man at the temple used his phone to translate this for me: “A mountain is a mountain. The water is the water. There is peace in the ordinary world.”
Hamamatsu is known for its gyoza.
Sake tasting at the station while waiting for my shinkansen. I love this country!

It’s difficult to understand just how fast the shinkansen are unless you’ve been on one.


Enjoying rush hour.
Kyu Shiba Rikyu garden

Tokyo International Forum
Last dinner in Japan, izakaya in basement of Odakyu department store in Shinjuku.

Beer robot in the Sakura lounge at Narita. Behold its awesomeness!

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