One measure of student selection effects : $2,000 flights to Guam

Big changes are coming to the Medical College Admission Test, or MCAT, in 2015. Starting next spring, the MCAT will be overhauled for the first time since 1991. The revised exam will add sections on the social and behavioral sciences as well as more critical analysis and reasoning. The new, more “holistic” test is expected to take six and a half hours, as compared with its current four and a half.

Suffice it to say, current premed students aren’t too happy. And those who can are rushing to take (or retake) the old exam before it goes away forever at the end of January. For some of them, that’s meant considering extreme steps just to book an available seat—like flying to Guam.!/entry/premed-students-might-be-flying-to-guam-just-to-take,546cf667b7d8d24162eacd47

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