Western Kentucky Regents refuse to fire “racist” tenured professor

A really surprising outcome, given that the president of university wanted to fire her for “incompetency.”

If you read the article very carefully, you’ll see that they took a couple of semesters of poor teaching evaluations and turned that into her suddenly being incompetent at her job. A couple of semesters of poor teaching evals for a professor who had been there for seventeen years!

As is typical in these cases, once she became a target of the woke mob, the university searched for a reason to fire her, and settled on the recent teaching evals as the only possible way to get rid of her. Note that the faculty grievance committee backed them, no doubt because they were also unhappy at her “racist” behavior.

After an unprecedented nine-hour dismissal for cause hearing, the WKU Board of Regents voted 8-0 not to dismiss Jeanine Huss, tenured faculty and full-time professor in the school of teacher education.

WKU president Timothy Caboni had recommended the board affirm Huss’ dismissal for cause, that being incompetency, in the meeting’s only action item. The board took two hours to deliberate in a closed session before delivering the unanimous vote.


A student sent a complaint email to Murphy regarding a series of events in Huss’ ELED 355-001 Student Diversity class.

The student wrote that Huss had made “several comments that I do not believe are professional, appropriate or represent this program or profession well.” The class was given an assignment where they were to “dress as a diverse person” and present about their life, which the student felt was cultural appropriation.

Murphy stated that, when asked, Huss could not make a connection between the assignment in question and the courses’ learning outcomes “in a way that the students appreciated.”

The complaint continued, with the student alleging Huss had said something to the effect that African-American students learn better orally because “their ancestors sang slave songs.”

You can read the complaining student’s whiny email here. Of course, she was “feeling this discomfort” and didn’t bother to talk to the faculty member first.

It helps to have a good attorney, I’m sure this had an effect on the board’s decision:

“We can hash this out in court because that’s where it’s going to go,” Mezibov said in his closing statement before the executive session. “No, I’m not threatening. I’m telling you that’s the inevitable result if Dr. Huss is dismissed.”


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